Epping Dentist

A local dental clinic is essential for your family’s ongoing dental health. Those looking for an Epping dentist would do well to Visit Carlingford Court Dentist.

Epping Braces

Our teeth are a concern both for their appearance and their function. Braces correct misaligned jaws and teeth, which directly affects both the look and inner working of out mouth.

A generation ago children and individuals with braces were forced to endure obvious metal bands on their teeth. This is greatly reduced with modern ceramic coloured and invisible braces which are far less noticeable that their historical counterparts. The temporary discomfort of new braces is well worth enduring for the sake of a neat, well-functioning and health mouth. Results can last a lifetime.

For residents in Epping braces are best treated by a local dental clinic. This makes for much greater convenience with the frequent visits.

Wisdom Teeth Epping

Wisdom teeth are the molars that emerge at the back of the mouth long after the other teeth have come through, usually in the early 20’s. They can cause issues as they often do not completely immerge from the gum, leading to pain, issues with chewing and possibly infections. For this reason wisdom teeth are often removed.

Carlingford Dental Clinic deals with the wisdom teeth Epping patients suffer from. Arrange an appointment at the first sign of a problem.

Epping Implant

Missing teeth can be replaced by Implants. These are natural looking porcelain teeth supported on a titanium post. They are quite permanent and can be fitted without surgery. Unlike older false teeth they require only the upkeep given to natural teeth.

For patients at Epping Implant fitting can be done while under sedation.

Epping Facial injectables

With their knowledge of facial muscles and aesthetics we believe dentists are is a good position to administer facial injectables injections. Best known for their cosmetic benefits facial injectables infections can also be highly effective for spasms, teeth grinding and sweating. For Patients at Epping facial injectables from Carlingford Court Dental Clinic can be subtle but effective enhancement they need, either cosmetically or for muscular issues in their face.

For all Individuals at Epping dental treatment can be performed at Carlingford Court Dental Clinic. We are a family orientated dental practice that adheres to the highest standards.