Epping Dental Work

Carlingford Court Dental performs a lot of Epping dental work for patients.


Epping Implant

Generations ago a missing tooth was a major problem. There was no way to replace it other than a manufacturing a prosthetic tooth or using dentures. Now a missing tooth can be replaced with an implant.

Implants are natural looking replacement for teeth. They consist of a titanium post that supports a porcelain tooth. The titanium post bonds to the jawbone of the patient, making for a very permanent structure. The porcelain both looks and feels like a natural tooth, and can be manufactured in a colour that matches the patients other teeth.

An implanted tooth is quite permanent and can be fitted without surgery. It requires the same type of maintenance appropriate to natural teeth, regular brushing and flossing. Problems with implants are rare, but without brushing the adjacent gum can become infected.

For patients at Epping Implant fitting can be done while under sedation.


Wisdom Teeth Epping

Many of us develop an extra set of molars at the back of our mouth in our very late teens and early twenties. These are the wisdom teeth.

Development of wisdom teeth develops with individual genetics and racial background. Some people never develop any wisdom teeth, other develop then without issue. More commonly, many individuals find their mouth is not quite big enough to accommodate the four extra teeth, and one of more of the wisdom teeth do not emerge properly from the gum.

If a wisdom tooth does not emerge properly from the gum it can be the cause of many problems, including serious infections and pain. And even if they do emerge they can push other teeth out of alignment. As well as the pain these wisdom teeth issues can cause problems with chewing, speech or night-time breathing.

Wisdom teeth are often removed. Call your dentist if you suspect a problem


Epping Facial injectables

Facial injectables is injected under the skin to freeze muscles. It is best known for its cosmetic uses, where it is used to reduce the formation of wrinkles by freezing certain muscles. But it also has other medicinal purposes.

Facial injectables is commonly used for treating teeth grinding, spasms, profuse sweating and other facial problems.

With their knowledge of facial muscles and aesthetics many dentists have started using Facial injectables for medical or cosmetic purposes. Modern practices have perfected the use of a minimal amount of substance to achieve the best possible results.


Epping Braces

Braces were once intrusive and visually imposing. Various modern techniques have greatly reduces these issues, with various orthodontic systems being used to corrects tooth and jaw alignment issues.

Metal bands were once used for almost all orthodontic work. Now ceramic braces perform the same function while blending in with the natural teeth colour. Less severe dental problems can often be fixed with invisalign or one of several other products.

Braces help both the function and the appearance of our teeth. With regular dental care the benefits last a lifetime. Many adult patients now use braces or other orthodontic systems to fix major or minor dental problems.

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